(JAN. 24th – 27th)

 Regenerative Culture Retreat: SEEDS Awakening

By feeling the calling of ancient Mexico and the rhythm of modern life, we, Yoshi & Pola Pantera, stewards of regenerative culture, extend an invitation to you for a unique radical experience. A harmonious convergence of ancient wisdom, ceremonies, music, workshops, and the practice of a regenerative lifestyle, in which just by attending, it helps establish new systems in the world that help create more life, rather than degenerating.

🗓️ Date:
4 Days / 3 Nights
January 24th – 27th 2024

📍 Location Map – Tepoztlan, Mexico:
Jardin de la Abundancia (Garden of Abundance)
Ocotitlan S/N-km 2,
Col. Del Carmen, 62520
Tepoztlan, Mor. Mexico

SEEDS Awakening is a commitment to life. From the vibrant beats of tropical music dance to the depth of spiritual ceremonies, we celebrate the richness of existence in every heartbeat, every step, every breath. We cultivate love for all living things—plants, animals, nature—and unite in collective prayers for the well-being of every brother, sister, children and elders of Mother Earth.

SEEDS Awakening is an opportunity to practice a new lifestyle. A “taste” of what it feels like to live in community, as an ecovillage, aligned with ethics and principles that help create more life in the world, while learning to become who you would like to be.

A regenerative lifestyle can be challenging to adopt, therefore at SEEDS Awakening we create the proper conditions to help apply new habits with ease. While stepping out of the comfort zone. Such as waking up with the sunrise, eating delicious healthy meals, exercising the body, connecting to the land, deepening relationships, connecting to spirit, becoming productive, celebrating accomplishments, and a lot more.

“SEEDS Awakening is, seeds of consciousness awakening to it’s maximum potential…”

Booking is $444 for the 4 Days (accomodation: shared room). It includes all activities, workshops, music, 3 meals per day (Quality Local, Organic, Plant Based, Vegan Food). It does not include transportation and medicine ceremonies. Ceremonies are optional in exchange of an additional small contribution.


About the Location

Tepoztlan became very special to us on our last visit. The small historic town is full of unique authentic local culture, weaved-in with a diversity of cultures from around the world. Many of which are interested and/or already practice a regenerative lifestyle. This town has a unique old-style european/latin architecture to fall in love with, creating a bohemian feeling to the experience. It is also important to mention that Tepoztlan is welk-known by it’s magical mountains, with lots of ancient history.

Here in these beautiful lands we met a wise local elder, Roberto Godoy, owner of a property for 35+ years now called Jardin de la Abundancia (Garden of Abundance) located just in the outer edge of Tepoztlan honoring the natural silence for peaceful inner-work. Also, this space has an astonishing view of these sacred landscapes with mentioned mountains, as well as abundant diverse nature, a perfect example of regeneration in dry lands. Jardin de la Abundancia also provides common spaces for activities, workshops and a swimming pool to enjoy fully,. We are very excited and graterful to have met Roberto and his offering of this location. We look forward to enhance our regenerative culture experience by booking SEEDS Awakening at Jardin de la Abundancia in order to wlecome you with all our heart.

Meet the Organizers

Meet Yoshi and Pola Pantera, the dynamic couple from the jungles of Ecuador. Their journey as catalysts of the regenerative movement commenced with a 1 Day SEEDS retreat in 2014, and since then, they have been weaving a tapestry of love, spirituality, and community engagement.

Yoshi and Pola’s unique synergy of visions and talents led them to unite forces in co-facilitating a myriad of transformative experiences. From regenerative culture dinners and gatherings to ceremonies, festivals, and empowering retreats. Their mission spans personal health, self-development, spirituality & psychedelic awakening while fostering community connections.

Rooted in extensive backgrounds encompassing community building, permaculture, plant-based nutrition, event production, ancestral wisdom, music, and dance, Yoshi and Pola are steadfast advocates for regenerative culture. In service to both people and Pachamama, their commitment shines through in every endeavor.

In 2016, the dynamic duo manifested FLORA Plant Based Cuisine, a permaculture restaurant / cultural center nestled in the heart of Quito, Ecuador, empowering the youth with knowledge on nutrition and new lifestyles. Their culinary journey expanded in Florida with the launch of a FLORA Food Truck in 2020, even during the plandemic, gracing festivals throughout the state of Florida with healthy and delicious plant-based offerings.

Beyond gastronomy, Yoshi and Pola have sown seeds of creativity in various projects. They’ve orchestrated hundreds of Tropicana Music events since 2007, showcasing their passion for music and dance. Furthermore, a crowning achievement is the Sikuanga Ecovillage project, which began in 2014, envisioning a sustainable haven grounded in regenerative principles.

The Panteras’ footprint extends globally, with their presence felt in diverse events and ceremonies across Ecuador, California, Oregon, Florida, and Mexico. They’ve been integral participants in renowned festivals like Burning Man, Global Eclipse Festival, Lightning in the Bottle, Symbiosis, Re:Birth, El Carpazo, and more.

As Yoshi and Pola continue to traverse their path, they remain humble learners and creators, ever grateful for the richness of their lives. Their message is one of love and connection, inviting others to join them in the journey of co-creation. Thank you for delving into the story of Yoshi and Pola Pantera—may their paths cross with yours soon, as they eagerly anticipate building and evolving together.

How to prepare?

SEEDS Awakening is all about preparing and being self-sufficient as much as possible, without bringing too much stuff of course. We request for you to bring and prepare with the following:

– Please familiarize yourself with our regenerative culture principles to be applied during SEEDS and beyond.

– Please practice “zero waste”. When packing your luggage, please avoid packaged items in plastic, since these may create trash. If you must use these items, you may re-package them with a re-usable container instead. We wont have trash bins on site, therefore we request for you to take your trash back with you, if you have any.

– Please bring your self-sufficient backpack. Here you want to have all self care items, as well as your re-usable food containers, bottle of water, simple first-aid kit, flashlight, pocket knife, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have all these items. Prepare as much as you can. We will provide a workshop during SEEDS to learn more.  

– Within your self care items. Please make sure your toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, mosquito repellent, sunblock, etc. are biodegradable / compostable. This will enhance our experience even greater. In other words, we want to be as conscious as possible in regards to how we impact the planet based on our habits.


Wednesday 24th
4pm: Welcome & Accommodation
6pm: Opening Circle Dynamic
7pm: Plant Based Dinner
8:30pm: Sacred Fire and Intentions
10pm: Rest & Sleep

Thursday 25th
6am: Meditation & Body Work
7am: Open Time
8am: Plant Based Breakfast
9am: Open Time
10am: Regenerative & Holistic Design Workshop
1pm: Plant Based Lunch
2pm: Open Time
3pm: Regenerative Nutrition Workshop
6pm: Open time
7pm: Plant Based Dinner
8:30pm: Sacred Fire & Music Jam
10pm: Rest & Sleep

Friday the 26th
6am: Meditation & Body Work
7am: Open Time
8am: Plant Based Breakfast
9am: Open Time
10am: Ancestral Cosmovision Workshop
1pm: Plant Based Lunch
2pm: Open Time
3pm: Circles of Savage Women & Men
5pm: Sacred Sexuality & Cacao Ceremony
8:30pm: Tropicana – Estatic Dance Party

Saturday 27th
6am: Meditation & Body Work
7am: Packing and getting ready for going home
8am: Plant Based Breakfast
9am: Storytelling Workshop
11am: Closing Circle & Community Dance

Extended Version of SEEDS for an additional money contribution.

Sunday 28th (Mexico City)

10am: Tour of Huerto Roma Verde (Urban Permaculture Oasis)
Plant Based Lunch at Cocina Regenerativa

💚 **Exclusive Add-On: Regenerative Culture Tour in Mexico City**  
As mentioned above in the itinerary, on the last day, you may choose to extend your journey with an additional Regenerative Culture Tour in Mexico City. Experience one of the most advanced physical permaculture and regenerative culture locations in the world, showcasing urban self-sufficiency, energy production, food cultivation, waste regeneration, community and much more. This is your chance to witness a place actively contributing to the regeneration of our world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any activity and/or workshop in the itinerary are subject to change due to unexpected circumstances. However, we will keep you informed if any changes occur and will take into consideration the value of the activity/workshop listed and will substitute with something as equally valuable.


Win a 10 Day Retreat in Ecuador, LIVE at our Regenerative Culture Webinar

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