(August. 11th – 20th)

Re-discover your true nature, communicate with the universe, and active your soul’s purpose with the spirits of the Amazon Jungle.

Experience a 10-day profound life regeneration in the deep primordial beauty of the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador.

Seeds Regeneration is a 10-Day Regenerative Culture retreat, a rare opportunity to truly detoxify your mind, body, and soul and detach from stuck emotions, materialistic needs, and overall unwanted habits – to then – regenerate your life with principles and daily actions that help create the new life you desire. Practice holistic systems, permaculture, sociocracy, new economies, plant based cuisine, creative arts, body work and immerse yourself in community towards a regenerative culture

🗓️ Date:
10 Days / 9 Nights
August 11th – 20th 2024

📍 Location Map – Amazon Jungle, Ecuador:
Tamandpua, Puyo (Ecolodge & Reserve)



Rediscover Your True Nature

Modern life separates us from our true selves through toxic habits, unhealthy environments, and life-sapping routines. Seeds Regeneration creates the conditions to help guide yourself through a journey of profound letting go, peeling back the layers to reveal the radiant being within. Here is where you may discover more about who you are, and who you want to be.

Through practices like:

  • Ceremonies: Temazcal, Ayahuasca, Sacred Sexuality
  • Detoxifying Cleanses & Fasting
  • Breathwork, Bodywork & Dreamwork
  • Worskshops & Community Activities
  • Alquimical Arts &  Holisitic Spirituality
  • Living in Community
  • Becoming Self-sufficient and Resilient

You’ll shed the mental, emotional, and physical blocks keeping you from living in harmonious flow with all of life.

Meet the Facilitator


Experience this journey with 5 facilitators from Ecuador, whom have integrated in their lives the connection to the land and awareness to all life, as well as practicing ancestral & initiatic wisdom with methods & technologies from modern cultures. Thus, these facilitators practice a Regenerative Culture lifestyle and share their methodologies traveling parts of the world through the production of their SEEDS retreats. 

“We see and live a present of great positive transformation for future generations to come”

Yoshi & Pola Pantera
Atuk & Mayito
Mango Margarita

Your regenerative path will be illuminated by these highly experienced facilitators steeped in the ancient wisdom traditions of the Amazon basin and regenerative living practices. From inner exploration with ayahuasca, temazcal, and sacred sexuality ceremonies to hands-on lessons in permaculture, sociocracy, plant based cuisine, bodywork, and more, you’ll receive priceless teachings to enliven your journey towards wholeness.

About the location

Tamandua Ecolodge is a 120 hectare natural reserve for wild life, structured with beautiful natural building accommodations for guests to enjoy with peace and comfort. Plus, these sacred lands are isolated from civilization, surrounded by the abundance diversity of flora and fauna, waterfall, and overall thriving sounds of nature followed by the unique astonishing view of the Amazon Jungle mountains.

Rooms for guests are shared with 3 queen beds per room. Private Rooms with restrooms are available for an additional money contribution. Please ask for details. 

Learn more about Tamandua





Booking Costs:
Payment Plans Available

Early Bird until April 10st
(Only 2 Tickets Available)

$999 General Public
$777 Local Public

PreSale until May 10st

$1,555 General Public
$1,111 Local Public

General Price until August 10th

$2,222 General Public
$1,555 Local Public

Discounts Available
(Ask for more info)

Low-Cost Scholarships
Group Discounts


Become a Steward of the Thriving Regeneration

As you awaken to your true nature, you’ll gain indispensable skills and knowledge to become a positive solution on this Earth. You’ll learn to apply ecological, social, and spiritual principles of regeneration to all areas of your life through:

  • Integrating indigenous wisdom with modern whole-systems thinking
  • Practicing radical autonomy, interdependence, and non-violent communication
  • Mastering regenerative technologies like natural building to economic systems
  • Experiencing a flourishing model of a regenerative community and culture


Return Home Rejuvenated and Inspired

After 10 life-changing days in the jungle, you’ll leave reborn – cleansed of toxic patterns, overflowing with inspiration and purpose, and equipped with tangible skills to regenerate your life, communities, and lands.

Don’t miss this unparalleled chance to rediscover your truest, most vibrant self while helping to birth the regenerative cultural renaissance our world currently needs.

The next Seeds Regeneration journey awaits. Join us in the Amazon this Ausgust, 11th 2024 for an experience that will change your life for real.