(Nov. 24th – 30th)

There is something very special that only the Amazon Jungle can give you, and that is…

“To observe and feel the profound awareness of ALL LIFE, and to understand thy-self in this existence…”

Yes, coming to the majestic amazon jungle really helps to tap into the frequency of consciousness, the source of all life, and the essence of who you are. You may have an impactful awakening into your physical and spiritual realities, thus, reaching a hidden potential within.

This is an invitation for you to join us to activate the next level of awareness and that inner potential, by experiencing the conditions that help dive right into the the self – energy field. When there, through this SEEDS experience, we will detox the body & clear the sub-conscious mind  in order to design and re-program the new version of thy-self.

This will be done through a 7 Day regenerative culture lifestyle and community living experience, accompanied by ancestral spiritual ceremonies, dynamic meditations, metaphysical communication, permaculture practices, vocal exploration, plant based nutrition, Jungle Ninja, Tropicana Party and much more…

“The new era of a conscious humanity has began, the time of action for a new world, is now…”

The SEEDS experience is designed for a group of maximum 15 guest travelers. 

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Get to know the Facilitators

We are Yoshi & Pola Pantera, a beautiful loving couple from Ecuador co-creating the regenerative movement together since 2014. Since then, with are visions and talents aligning in so many ways, we partnered up to facilitate regenerative culture dinners, gatherings, ceremonies, festivals and now retreats for personal health, self development, spirituality, psychedelic awakening, and community experiences. 

Both of us have much background in community building, permaculture, nutrition plant based cuisine, event production, ancestral wisdom, music and dance. Overall, we are regenerative culture advocates and we are of service to the people and to Pachamama.

Furthermore, we opened FLORA Plant Based Cuisine in 2016, a permaculture restaurant in Ecuador, and also Vegan Food Truck in 2020 in Central Florida. We have also created other projects such as: the production of over 100 Tropicana Music events since 2007 as well as our main vision Sikuanga Ecovillage project since 2014. 

Lastly, we have participated in several events and ceremonies in Ecuador, California, Oregon, Florida, and Mexico. We have also participated in big festivals, such as Burning Man, Oregon Eclipse Festival, Lightning in the Bottle, Symbiosis, Re:Birth, El Carpazo, and many more

With this said, we still have much to learn and to create. We are grateful for our lives and the path we walk. Thank you for reading about us, and so we wish to meet you as well soon and build together. 

With Love, 
Yoshi & Pola Pantera


We will pick up our guests from a center point in Quito.
The address will be sent when booking your ticket over the phone with
co-host Yoshi Pantera thru telegram preferably, or whatsapp at +1 (321) 900-5058

Friday 24 November (Travel to the Amazon Jungle)
9:00am: Departure from Quito to the Amazon Jungle – Pastaza
2:00pm: Stop at Baños for Lunch Plant Based Vegan
3:30pm: Souvenirs Shopping at Baños
4pm: Continue Travel to the Amazon Jungle – Pastaza
6pm: Arrival to Final Destination, Tamandua Ecolodge and Reserve
7pm: Community Dinner – Traditional Ecuadorian Plant Based Vegan
8:30pm: Opening Circle of Intention w/ Abuelo Fuego
10pm: Sleep Time

Saturday November 25 (Tropicana Salvaje Dance Event)
5am: Guayusa Tea and Sharing of Dreams
6am: Flow Yoga
7am: Personal Time
8am: Breakfast Plant Based Vegan
9am: Open Time
10am Ancestral Andean Amazonian Cosmovision
12pm Open Time
2pm: Lunch Plant Based Vegan
3pm: Open Time
5pm: TROPICANA Salvaje Dance Party
    – Tropical Dinner
    – Salsa Dance Class
    – Fire Dancer
12am: Sleep Time

Sunday 26 November (Regenerative Life)
7am: Dynamic Meditation
8am: Breakfast Plant Based Vegan
9am: Open Time
10am. Regenerative Culture – Holistic Design
12pm: Open Time
2pm: Lunch Plant Based Vegan
3pm: Open Time
4pm: Nonviolent Communication Workshop
7pm: Dinner Plant Based Vegan
8:30pm: Meditation and Heart Circle (Corazonar)
10pm: Sleep Time

Monday, November 27 (Fasting – Ayahuasca Ceremony)
5am: Guayusa Tea and Sharing of Dreams
6am: Jungle Ninja
7 am: Personal Time 
8am: Small Breakfast Plant Based Vegan
9am: Open Time
10am: Deep Shadow Work
12pm Open Time & Fruit
4pm: Weaving Prayers
7pm: Kundalini Breathwork
8pm: Ayahuasca Ceremony til the next day.

Tuesday, November 28 (Hiking to the Waterfall)
5am: Energy Cleansing and Closing of the Ceremony
7am: Guayusa and Post Ceremony Integration Circle
8am: Breakfast Plant Based Vegan
9am: Hiking to the Waterfall
1pm: Lunch Plant Based Vegan
2pm: Rest Time
5pm: Alchemical Art Workshop
7pm: Dinner Plant Based Vegan
8pm: Circle of Fire & Vocal Exploration
10pm: Sleep Time

Wednesday, November 29 (Closing Ceremony)
5am: Guayusa Tea & Sharing of Dreams
6am: Jungle Ninja
7am: Personal Time
8am: Breakfast Plant Based Vegan
9am: Permaculture Design Workshop
2pm: Lunch Plant Based Vegan
3pm: Open Time
5pm: Metaphysical Communication Workshop
6pm: Open Time
7pm: Dinner Plant Based Vegan
8pm: Closing Ceremony
9pm: Circle of Fire and Music Jam
10pm: Sleep Time

Thursday, November 30 (Farewell Dances of Peace)
7am: Breakfast Plant Based Vegan
9am: Farewell & Community Dance 
10am: Departure to Baños
1pm Pailon Del Diablo
1pm: Lunch Plant Based Vegan
4pm: Departure to Quito
7pm: Arrival to Quito – UIO Airport