SEEDS Awakening Mexico (Jan. 24th – 28th)



Dear seekers and fellow travelers, Yoshi & Pola extend an invitation to SEEDS Awakening in Mexico. Envision the synergy of city rhythms intertwining with the ancient whispers of the jungle after The Greater Reset. πŸ™οΈβœ¨πŸŒ³

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Join us in this profound exploration, as we delve into the union of concrete jungles and sacred canopies. Secure your place, seekers of wisdom and regeneration. 🌿🌌



SEEDS Awakening Retreat Mexico 2024: January 24th – 28th

🌱 Bienvenidos a México: Nurturing Regenerative Roots 🌺

Embark on a journey to the heart of Mexico’s regenerative landscapes with SEEDS Awakening Retreat 2024! Following the resonance of our last visit, we’ve chosen this vibrant country for its rich tapestry of ancient culture, indigenous wisdom, and a unique feeling of home that extends a warm embrace.

🌿 Why Mexico?

Mexico, with its diverse tapestry of indigenous traditions, holds an ineffable allure. From the historical wisdom of the Aztecs to the mystical Mayan legacies, this land is steeped in ancestral teachings. Our retreat, set against the backdrop of Morelia, becomes a canvas where these ancient insights intertwine with the regenerative movement, forming a harmonious tapestry for your consciousness to explore.

πŸ“† Connect with The Greater Reset Event in Morelia: Jan 17th – 21st
Link to The Greater Reset Event
After this transformative event, join us for SEEDS Awakening, the action-taking retreat for a better world.

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Meet Your Guides: Yoshi & Pola Pantera

Greetings from Yoshi & Pola Pantera, a dynamic duo weaving the fabric of the regenerative movement since 2014. Our collective vision, birthed from backgrounds in community building, permaculture, plant-based cuisine, event production, ancestral wisdom, music, and dance, has formed a cornerstone for regenerative culture advocacy.

🌿 Communities Formed Around Our Vision
Our journey includes the establishment of FLORA Plant Based Cuisine in 2016, a permaculture restaurant in Ecuador, and a Vegan Food Truck in 2020 in Central Florida. This commitment extends to the Sikuanga Ecovillage project in 2014 and active participation in major festivals like Burning Man, Oregon Eclipse Festival, Lightning in the Bottle, and more. Our services have become a catalyst, forming communities around the principles of regenerative living.

Itinerary: SEEDS Awakening Mexico 2024

Day 1: Morelia – Conscious Agora Ecovillage

  • Morning departure from The Greater Reset event to Morelia
  • Arrival and community dinner
  • Opening circle, intention setting, and introduction to Aztec and Mayan wisdom

Day 2: Morelia – Conscious Agora Ecovillage

  • Sunrise Yoga and exploration of local plants with medicinal properties
  • Breakfast and deeper dive into indigenous wisdom
  • Lunch and communal activities inspired by Mayan traditions
  • Sunset reflection, ceremonial dinner, and Mayan cacao ceremony

Day 3: Tepoztlan – Cultura Regenerativa Community

  • Travel to Tepoztlan
  • Arrival, community exploration, and dinner
  • TROPICANA Salvaje Dance Party inspired by Aztec rhythms
  • DJ Set, vibrant festivities, and sharing of indigenous dance forms

Day 4: Ciudad de Mexico – El Huerto Roma Verde

  • Morning departure to Mexico City
  • Arrival and permaculture workshop amidst urban jungle
  • Lunch and exploration of Aztec influence in modern Mexico
  • Metaphysical Communication Workshop blending ancient and modern insights
  • Closing ceremony, music jam, and connection to contemporary Mexican music forms

Day 5: Farewell Dances of Peace

  • Breakfast and farewell dance with roots in indigenous expressions
  • Departure to The Greater Reset event
  • Pailon Del Diablo visit and lunch inspired by ancient agricultural practices
  • Return to The Greater Reset event

🌍 Be Part of the Regenerative Movement in Mexico!

Embrace the opportunity to join our exclusive group of maximum 15 guest travelers. Reserve your spot now and unlock the next level of awareness and potential within you.

🎧 Prepare for Mexico by tuning into Regenerative Culture Podcast for insightful conversations to start practicing a regenerative lifestyle. So when you come to the retreat you already warmed up.

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Coming Soon…

SEEDS Awakening in Florida – March 2024
Stay tuned for our upcoming regenerative culture experience in the lush landscapes of Florida.


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