ALCHEMICAL ARTS FESTIVAL (Florida I July 28th – 30)



Experience the Alchemical Arts Festival, a 3-day celebration of conscious creation and community connection with Seeds Awakening in July. This highly anticipated event combines artistic expression, healing, and the ecovillage lifestyle.

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The SEEDS Ticket - 21 Day Spiritual Retreat in Ecuador is a complete package. You don't have to do any more travel bookings other than purchasing your flight ticket and your optional travel insurance.

We are aware that SEEDS may be a high ticket price. However, we are offering a unique experience outside the conventional market and we made it as affordable as possible. If you compare prices with other retreats, you may find some of them to be a lot more expensive than what we offer. Rest assured that SEEDS - 21 Day Spiritual Retreat will over-deliver. Investing in personal development is key to a successful and healthy lifestyle.

What includes with your SEEDS Ticket - 21 Day Spiritual Retreat in Ecuador?

  • 3 Bio Regions of Ecuador: Amazon Jungle, Andes Valley, Pacific Coast. 7 days on each bio-region, We will experience the localities and the community regenerative lifestyle will everything SEEDS Transcendence has to offer. Each climate has it's pros and cons. Come prepared.
  • 3 Certification Courses: Permaculture (PDC), Plant Based Nutrition, Alchemical Arts. We invited the best Ecuadorian and international teachers to cover theses courses.  A total of 9 teachers that are eager to be part of this profound life training experience. As well as other facilitators, instructors, artists that will complement the experience.
  • Local Transportation (From airport hostel, all 3 regions, and back to the airport). A private bus designated for 35 guests to visit all 3 bio-regions.
  • All Accommodations (Cabins, Shared Rooms, Camping Gear). All 3 bio-regions have a unique stay.
    • Jungle: SEEDS starts a little strong with a jungle environment that can sometimes be overwhelming and uncomfortable. However it is a safe space. At this Amazon bio-region at Sikuanga Wasi, Guests will be camping (We provide new tents and small mattresses). Rooms are available for elders and pregnant women, and must qualify prior). The intention of the jungle is to step out of your comfort zone and tap into a real connection with nature. Going back to your roots, your essence, your wildness. We several events at Sikuanga, it is our home base.
    • Andes: Here we travel to the south, to one of the most beautiful locations of Ecuador, Cuenca. Here we stay the next 7 days very comfortable in shared rooms (private rooms for additional cost). Inti Kamari is a permaculture retreat center with pools, lake, views and more. An amazing space for rest and to do inner work, focus on thy self with ceremonies and workshops while also living a peaceful healthy community lifestyle.
    • Coast: Its a long trip from the south to the coast. Arriving to Rio Muchacho permaculture farm we will stay in shared cabins within a tropical forest surrounded by animals. Here we will finalize the courses with celebration and ceremonies at Canoa Beach.
  • 3 Daily Healthy Meals (Plant Based Vegan, Organic, Non-Gmo, Local). Enjoy delicious diverse local fruits and healthy meals with an Ecuadorian touch. All 21 day menus are designed collectively by SEEDS Plant Based Teachers in order to create a coherent experience of detox and regeneration of the body while also establishing healthy eating habits for the rest of your life.
  • Regenerative Culture Lifestyle. Learn, practice and establish a new way of life based in ancient and modern wisdom with a take on regenerative actions. We apply regenerative ethics & principles that helps design systems such as: new forms of economy, new forms of governance, food systems, education systems and much more, which allows to experience living a regenerative culture. SEEDS is a taste of how would it be like to live in a intentional community, ecovillage, or regenerative culture lifestyle.
  • Spiritual Ceremonies Enjoy different ceremonies throughout each region of Ecuador, such as: Temazcal, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Cacao, Love, and more. We invited experienced Taitas that know how to channel energy and wisdom in order to help heal inner-self with inner work and community support.
  • Complementary Activities. Several activities are performed throughout the 21 days on each bio-region. Such as Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation, Circles of Truth, and much more. These activities/habits will help establish a healthier regenerative way of life.
  • DJ Music Dance Events & Performance Shows. We invited many local and international artists that will perform at our events in order to provide an enhanced fun celebration experience. With performances in Dance, Theatre, Music, Poetry and more.
  • Video / Photography. Capturing every moment possible. All content will be available for you to use at your convenience except for personal business matters. We want to document live testimonies & experiences as they occur. We are planning a Seeds Documentary Movie and Visual Courses to be launched in 2023. We are very excited for this.
  • Additional Funds Collected from the production of SEEDS Transcendence is directed into buying land in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador to start an eco-village and build the first community house, named Casa Madre. A 3 story house that sleeps 40 guests, has a restaurant on the first floor and at the top floor there is the multi-use saloon and temple space, with an amazing view. Architect drawings and builders are ready to start building. Your ticket purchase goes a long way. Thank you. If you want to be part of the purchase of the land as community member or investor, please contact us at

The SEEDS Ticket - 21 Day Spiritual Retreat in Ecuador

21 Day Spiritual Retreat in Ecuador

Seeds Transcendence


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