Free Giveaway Contest

($2,222 Value)


Free Giveaway Contest

($2,222 Value)


In order for you to WIN a ticket for a 10 Day Regenerative Culture Retreat in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador, you may participate and qualify by completing the following 3 easy steps. Learn more about the retreat here.


1. Sharing Pre-Webinar:
– Register for the Webinar
– Please write a COMMENT & SAVE this Webinar’s POST on your Instagram or Facebook page.
– Please Share a STORY of this POST expressing why are you interested in this webinar & inviting others.
– Send a screen-shot of the COMMENT, SAVE and STORY to @Seeds.Transcendence

2. Attend The Regenerative Culture Webinar
Attend the webinar on one of the 3 dates listed at registration. June 27th, 28th, 30th.
On each date, we will have a first draw in order to qualify for the Final Draw. ​After these 3 Webinar dates, we will have 3 finalists who will participate for the Final draw on June 30th LIVE. All info will be emailed once participating.

3. Sharing Post-Webinar.
– Please share a STORY on your Instagram or Facebook page of how was your experience at the Webinar. This can be written or recorded with audio or with video. This step needs to be completed before the Final Draw.


FINAL DRAW on Sunday, June 30th – 6pm on LIVE.
In order to draw the final WINNER, we will take into account that all 3 finalists have completed their 3 steps, qualifying for the FINAL DRAW GIVEAWAY CONTEST. Participants need to be present on the LIVE draw in order to win.

If you have questions, feel free to DM


Important Read Below

TERMS & CONDITIONS: SEEDS Retreat Free Giveaway Ticket

1. The winner of the free giveaway ticket will be required to participate in an interview with the retreat organizers prior to ticket confirmation. This interview is to ensure that the winner’s participation aligns with the intended energy, goals, and group dynamics of the retreat.

2. The retreat organizers reserve the right to disqualify a winner if they determine, in their sole discretion, that the individual’s current behavior or psychological state could significantly disrupt the retreat experience for themselves or other participants. This includes but is not limited to active symptoms such as severe mood swings, psychosis, emotional dysregulation, or panic attacks that are not being effectively managed.

3. The purpose of the interview and potential disqualification is to foster a safe, supportive, and cohesive environment for all retreat participants. The organizers have a responsibility to consider the wellbeing of the entire group.

4. If a winner is not selected to receive the free ticket after the interview, it is because the organizers determined that their participation poses a high risk of disrupting the retreat experience based on the criteria outlined in these terms and conditions. Agreeing to these terms indicates an understanding that the interview outcome is not a reflection of the individual’s worth as a person but an assessment of suitability for this particular retreat at this time.

5. The free giveaway ticket is non-transferable and cannot be sold or gifted to another person. If the winner is found to have transferred their ticket, they will lose the right to attend the retreat and the ticket will be forfeited.

6. By entering the giveaway, participants agree that they have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Entry into the giveaway constitutes acceptance of these terms.

The goal of this writing is to create an inclusive environment that accommodates a diversity of participants while maintaining the integrity and safety of the retreat experience for all.

Win a 10 Day Retreat in Ecuador, LIVE at our Regenerative Culture Webinar

(Thursday, June 27 2024, 6:00 PM)
Central Time (US and Canada)