Alchemical  Arts  Festival

Florida – July 28th -30th


Alchemical Arts refers to arts that help heal and expand consciousness.

Using art as a form of expression to help transcend limitations and activate the full power of creation. Seeds Awakening is a platform to practice this action as community. Coming together to perform everything we got and inspire each other further, while also living the community lifestyle and celebrating it all the way. ​

As this is the last edition of our 3 event series, this is the most desired event due to its mostly fun experience, bringing the child within and celebrate all accomplishments that allows growth in every way, mental spiritual and physical. ​

Most of the world is ready for a new humanity, and SEEDS Awakening is the space to live it. ​ This edition of SEEDS Awakening is mainly focused on Alchemical Arts, however, as experienced at our previous Seeds Awakening events, you will also have a taste of what it is to live as an ecovillage or community environment.

Feeling the energy of family, love, interdependence and harmony with life. ​ You will learn and experience tools and resources to build community for long term relationships as well as permaculture / regenerative culture systems. ​

Living in community for 3 days is amazing, maybe too short to really feel the power. However, it is enough time to be exposed to the infinite of possibilities of community creation and regenerative lifestyle. ​” When we learn the power of community, dreams come to life with ease…”​ ​​ Moreover, like on every SEEDS event, we are building on the location site, depending on the location’s needs. We also look forward to planting trees and leave the space in better conditions than before we used it.

Stay tuned to learn what we will be building…




Private address will be sent after ticket purchase. ​

DATE AND TIME: ​July 28th, 29th, 30th​ ​



​​ – This is a Zero Waste event. If you are not buying food from our event, please bring your own food. Please make sure it is plant based vegan food. Plus, bring your own Zero Waste kit: water bottle, plate, forks, knives, napkin, straw, etc. We will not produce waste at the event. ​

– Bring an offering for the altar, something that is charged with your intention, or has a deep meaning and value to you, as also where does it comes from. Whatever you bring, you may take it back with you or you can gift it to the community altar and it always be there each time we set up the altar on our events. ​ ​

– Bring a chair, lights, candles, firewood, rugs, cushions, and anything that you may think that can enhance the experience.

​ – Bring toys, activities and games for the kids. All parents are responsible for their kids. ​


********* ​Thank you so much! Pola & Yoshi Pantera Further details will be emailed to you after making your reservation.

If you have questions. Please call or text to (321) 900-5058​ ​

” We also have a Telegram Group for community communication, sharing resources, events, wisdom, deep relationships, business collaborations and much more. All this leads us to a Regenerative Culture system. Join us! ” ​​

​Reserve promptly, space is limited.