Transcend to your higher-self

Which Regenerative Culture retreats and ceremonies do you resonate with? 

Due to ongoing degenerative human systems worldwide, Collective Wave (CW) was created in 2009 as a response to help design and implement new regenerative models of life. Led by the following group of passionate holistic multidisciplinary humans:

Each year, with the production of SEEDS and other CW projects, we are able to strengthen our relationships with creativity and love.

Yoshi Pantera is a Permaculture Designer, Festival & Retreat Producer, Plant Based Vegan Chef, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Poetry Writer and Salsa Dancer...

Yoshi founded Collective Wave in 2009. Since then, Yoshi, his love partner Pola and the crew have produced several regenerative events and projects helping thousands of people heal and transcend limitations for personal growth and social transformation, by using Regenerative Culture Design in the production.

Yoshi is very passionate about regenerating Mother Earth through radical intercultural transcendental experiences for people. His dream is to establish various ecovillages / regenerative land projects around the world as well as to become part of a salsa music band. 

“Life is sweeter when you live it to the fullest cap-ability…”

Pola Pantera is a lover of Mother Earth, guardian of life, communicologist for liberation, leader of regenerative intercultural projects, permaculturist, magician, alchemist, artistic designer, dancer, singer, plant-based chef artisan and founder of Collective Wave’s subprojects: Seeds Transcendence, Flora Plant Based Cuisine, Tropicana and more.

Her mission is to promote the liberation of unconditional love, helping the soul deepen its relationship with nature and connect with authenticity, its divine healthy essence.

Pola’s constant strength is aimed towards eco-social regeneration in communities of the Amazon Jungles in Ecuador, and other territories necessary to continue expanding regenerative culture.

Furthermore, Pola is a practitioner of Tantra, Tarot, herbal medicine, Ayurveda, performing arts, yoga and martial arts as a path to integrity and self-realization. She envisions loving interconnected, cooperative, and thriving communities as the foundation for the new humanity.

“There is nothing more real than being One with everything”

Jo Jara is a professional digital and multimedia designer with over 10 years of experience, with high skills in Adobe Creative suite, being her favorite softwares photoshop, premiere and illustrator.

Jo enjoys creating with the purpose of bringing awareness into life. She strongly believes it is important to communicate with the power of kindness and respect towards people and communities.  One of her main goals with Collective Wave is to help develop a more empathic, aware, equal, inclusive, responsible, healthy, and just society for future generations to come.

Majo Pulido is a graphic designer with experience in social media strategy and management, website development and motion graphics. She is also a dancer who is highly proficient in Salsa, Bachata, Raks Sharki ( also known as Bellydance), Contemporary Dance and Tango. Maria Jose was a volunteer of SEEDS in 2014, and from early 2022 she came back to be part of the SEEDS team, managing the website, doing motion graphics and participating in the strategy for digital communication. She has always felt a calling towards the interconnection between human beings and nature.

She is passionate about urban permaculture and the harmony it gives to life. As well as other things that inspire her on a daily basis are: art, movement and dance, or as she calls it: “expressions of the soul” and “universal language”. She aims to inspire others to include nature, movement and art in their lives.