Permaculture Design Certificate

Through this science, we will develop the systemic, integral, holistic thinking that conceives Nature as the main thing to prosper. And where the collective human has the virtue of developing multiple intelligences to design in harmony with natural patterns, everything you need to live in abundance and welfare for long generations, without relying on slave and exploitative systems that have degenerated life on the planet.
In this understanding of the culture of permanence you will learn to design from the inside out. From your home to larger ecosystems such as forests or eco-neighborhoods. From how to produce your own food to how to make decisions in an organization.
The world of permaculture is fascinating and the more you practice it, the more power it gives you to put it at the service of future generations.

Miguel Torske

Permaculturist with 12 years of experience, certified at Aprovecho Center (Eugene- Oregon, United States). Expert in consulting, design and construction of decentralized wastewater systems with vermifilters and built reservoirs, design and construction of water planting and harvesting systems.

Specialist in efficient rocket firewood combustion systems.

He has been a member of the Red de Guadianes de Semillas since 2006 and is part of the Ecoversity of the Equatorial Andes team and the troop growers group.

Javier Carrera

Permaculture. Author, educator and activist. Expert in regenerative systems, with emphasis on food systems. Founder and Social Coordinator of the Seed Guardians Network. Editor of Allpa Magazine. Editor in chief, Madre Semilla Educational Platform, Radio Semilla podcast and Tarpuna video series. Research Director of the first Inventory of Food Heritage of Ecuador. Member, Global Alliance for the Future of Food. President, The Wayruro Association of Solidarity Commerce. President, Grupo Allpa Foundation. Leader of the Quito Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation.

Lexie Gropper

Biologist dedicated to deepening her understanding of the life cycles, with a passion for the circular processes of death and decomposition leading to regeneration of soil and life. Lexie dedicates her energy to the cultivation of plants, fungi, bacteria, relationships and community.

Lexie has been living in the Ecuadorian Amazon since 2014 living on her family’s land, Amisacho, a reforested food forest in the middle of a sea of deforestation and environmental contamination from petroleum extraction, cattle ranching, and cash crop monocultures.

In 2020, Lexie started a program called Guardians of the Soil, a permaculture based approach to community-led ecosystem restoration strategies and reforestation of food forests.

Plant-based nutrition Certificate

The smartest way to feed ourselves comes from the ecosystem (locality) where we live, because our body develops its immune system depending on the environment where we live and our health depends largely on the consumption of organic or agro-ecological food. In other words, the health of the soil is the health of our body. If we eat with the consciousness of nourishing, regenerating, healing and strengthening ourselves, we will hardly make bad decisions when it comes to eating. However, it is important to take some criteria to make the most of the nutrients and energy involved in the eating process, such as: the morphology of the body, the microbial system, the ph of fruits, metabolism, the origin of food, detoxifications, how to combine what we eat, digestion, herbalism, superfoods, conscious eating, why not to eat animals, fasting, food sovereignty, raw foodism, macrobiotics, ayurveda, hygienism, practical recipes, are some of the topics that will be covered in this certification..

Arturo Castillo

Recognized health teacher in Spain and Hispanic countries on the ancient science of Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle. Arturo has developed the Arturveda method, synthesized in his book *Transform your health with the Arturveda method* Ayurvedic rituals and recipes for your well-being.

With Arturo, you will discover the principles of Ayurveda, you will know what your dosha is (your elemental constitution), and you will learn to give your body what it needs based on its characteristics, distinguishing the foods that work in your favor and those that do not. You will know how to meet yourself, listen to yourself, and love yourself as you deserve. So that you can digest food and emotions, and unlock the energy potential in you to live with peace and mental clarity.

Gissela Torrella

Gissela Torrella is the author of the book, Tu Real Naturaleza, Living Your True Nature and the documentary, Tu Real Naturaleza. She is an international speaker, a health educator and ambassador at Hippocrates Wellness. A raw chef. Also, she is certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University with T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

Since 2010, Gissela has been helping the Spanish community by interpreting the full three weeks Hippocrates wellness program.
And as a wellness lifestyle consultant. Gissela survived a plane crash in 2009, and Divine intervention gave her a new perspective on the world.

Now, she inspires people to take back their health by adopting a living food diet, improving lifestyle practices, and learning to live their true nature.


Pola Pantera

Chef and founder of Flora Plant Based Cuisine since 2016, as well as co-founder of Sikuanga Eco-Village, Seeds Transcendence, Tropicana Music and other upcoming projects in regards to helping to regenerate cultures.

Paulette learned to cook by experimenting and observing mothers from different cultures in: Ecuador, Italy, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and more. Which led her to create more than 800 vegan menus without repeating. This was an amazing accomplishment.

She uses ancestral knowledge in the creation of her dishes and is currently experimenting with non-conventional food plants that are found widely in nature.

She is a self-taught medicine woman for a healthy life and has nurtured her knowledge with: permaculture, astrobotany, raw food, herbalism, Ayurveda, alchemy, trophology, macrobiotics, microbiotics, and various energy techniques.

Alchemical Arts Certificate

We recover the spiritual sense of art, that of transforming consciousness and creating new realities. Through this training you will obtain tools to modify dense emotions, observe thought patterns and move to a more expanded level of consciousness. Getting more connection with your inner self, which when listened to and attended to, will express itself from authenticity and develop its great creative capacity.
Different dance techniques to explore body movement, games and laughter to meet your inner child, theatrical plays for spontaneity, voice exploration to recover your power of manifestation from the heart and diverse music, high frequencies to heal at the molecular level.

Mango Margarita

Born in Cuenca, Ecuador. She is a corporal researcher, stage and visual creator. Explore in various artistic and philosophical branches with more than ten years of practice.

Currently focused on the study of the body, the management of subtle energy and the deconstruction of techniques. He manages research processes, movement and dance laboratories.

Massimo Mariotti

Massimo Mariotti is a 49-year-old Italian with more than 30 years of theater experience. Actor, theater director and professional clown. Dictate workshops in areas inherent to the performing arts, theater, and Clown.

His training in the world of performing arts began in 1995 at the Bologna Cinema Academy (Italy) where he completed the Professional Film Theater School. Later he has specialized in Neutral Maschera, Expressive Maschera and Stanislaski methodology. In El Salvador he continues training with Shaggy The Clown of Cirque du Soleil; since 2010 Massimo is professionally dedicated to clown theater and clown improvisation.

Moyenei Valdes

Composer, Interpreter, Visual Artist, Therapist. Her Verses are mixed between Latin American Root Music,Afro-Soul and Songs of Medicine.

Being a Socio-Cultural And Massive Event with her first album, Marking a Clear influence on the scene of his Country Chile, in the 90’s. To date, she has released 3 albums and has been nominated for a Grammy four times. Receiving a gold disc for his First FE Disc*

She works as a Therapist in unlocking the Voice through her Workshops that she performs around the World. Intertwining her work with the vocal arts with elemental rituals and management of subtle fields through the vibratory magic of the voice as a Healing frequency.